Wednesday, April 27, 2011

With Candy Coated Sugar Lips

With Candy Coated Sugar Lips


You Spoke~
Sometimes through,
Smiles wide eyed,
Sometimes through,
 Manufactured tears,
Sometimes through,
 Jokes and giggling.
Your claim to fame,
 Brought a 'Center Stage,'
Headlining performance,
Lyrics sung or lines read,
Chapter and verse perfectly,
To your bait fed.
Rising and falling,
With tension and peaks.
Dialog never changing.
 All manner of fantasy
   A Nasty tale regarding me,
Your tired needful theme.

I watched amazed,
  As you fixed, the same details,
Of the same mistakes,
Mechanically driven,
Manically rehearsed,
Through Candy Coated Sugar Lips

To my surprise,
 Each night applause, 
Erupt from your audience.
Willing they are,
To hear the same 
Old spit out blues and tunes.

The Highlight
When the crowds participate,
Singing along or "spoil"
'The Story'
Lines their favorites,
Raced ahead , someone always says,,
Begging for a 'Encore'

Tossing you expensive roses, 
 With Ovations pleading,
"Come back, Stay,
"Give us more a little more"

Graciously you clutch,
Bundles ~
  Of Stems and Thorns,
Sniffing while Sniffling
Bleeding fingers,
Covered in sequined gloves
Through Candy Sugar Coated Lips
"Thank you's"
Blowing wispy kisses
"I love you"s

 A tear or two,
This time even I think true,
  Tossing the roses away,
  Once buzzing numb, with laughter,
There I was,
Below the Balcony,
Underground and guarded,
With the truth,
 Threatening your grand finale,
 With the truth,
In Pale Thin Dry Lips
To expose you!

Committed to Love and Loyalty,
I wore the  straightjacket with honors,
 Standing firm,
Allowing you your turn,
I chose to pardon you,
Blaming folly and youth.

 I grew comfortable,
For a time,
In my given role,
Beneath muddy waters,
 Perfecting drowning~ 
In a murky grave,
Cemented in buckets of mud,
 You poured on me.
  Your added final touch,
"Just in case"~
Your discarded roses,
Brought to my arms,
 Received Safely
With Wishful sentiments,
You thanked me for Silence,
Pounds of petals covering me.
Through soggy thorns,
I saw you pray,
Through Candy Coated Sugar Lips

Petals Saturated,
   Aged through years growing fine,
  Nourished in dressing room gossip,
Remained  for me a Fragrant Bath

What you discarded,
I clung too lovingly,
 The aroma potent,
Encouraging me,
To come to my senses,
 No longer drifting.

 Willing I was,
To be the needed 'stink',
To make your life complete,
Believing you so well,
I avoided my own skin,
For the pungent smell.

From Candy Coated  Sugar Lips,
Your prayers and gifts of red velveteen,
 One day as you visited ,
I caught a whiff,
And you knew too.

 Revelations came in Isolation,
I vowed. I would not sink ,
Never for you again,
 Would I settle.
Never for you again
 Would I fold myself up in torn petals.

I remember the moment,
I saw the first flickering lights,
 From the Horizon,
Between Morning and Night,
  I saw My Life,
Waiting for me

The Truth
Through Candy Coated Sugar Lips
You lied and lied and lied,
Attempting to~
Destroy me,
 Attempting to~
Take My Life  and My Family
And now ~
I can finally say,
Through Healthy Plump Lips
With confidence,
I see you clearly
~ Criminally Dangerous~
You will always be!
  I vow to rise to the surface,
Through all the mud,
 All who see,
Beautifully clean,

Innocent and Strong,
Dazzling with Tranquility
  As the Lotus~
I Thrive!

Through Candy Coated Sugar Lips
The Molasses drippings
 Were always a tad too rich..
To  believe,
All that shine,
Gave You Away

 ©2011,MtMJA, Mosaic Poetry
(Maria AStrid,Jade,Toni Collab)

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