Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hard Hearts Sleep

 No Surprises
Don't ya know I've been here before?
I saw this all in a dream I wished I could wake from,
Warned me this day would come.

 I felt the crash, a stone heart refusing to beat
You can pound all ya want if it makes ya feel better,
Wish if you must with each quick mechanical kiss.

Make it heroic and bloody cutting blocked arteries,
You helped heap with decay,
It's too late to invite life blood flow to enter,.

By the sweat of your brow put on 'The Show',
Carving detailed designs that won't impress me,
My eyes grew too heavy wide and wise.

Hollowed Be.. the beats~
Refusing  to rise under your touch,
Some Death certificates  should read "Enough",
"Cause Unknown" Ill carry to my grave with your little white lies.

Don't Ya know explanations penned only complicate?
We can only say what we know ;some things are best left unsaid.
Broken hearts remain convenient mysteries.

Skipping along the heart runs out of words,
Dying overdosed with knowledge,calling out to the deep,
Whispering" Just let me sleep"

Say what ya want too,just don' t feel sorry praying for me!
I always knew to choose 'the Light' before the Door,
No need for words anymore.
©May 1, 20i1,Mosaic Poetry,2011

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