Thursday, May 19, 2011

~Ancient Voices Trailing~ written for FCN challenge

~ Ancient Voices Trailing~

Thought I heard you in the mist,
The other day~
At first sound you seemed far away,
In hushed tones~
You crept, thinking I was sleeping,
But dreams were not meant to keep me,
Long gone~
Was the silence of night,
Caught in the wake I found my place,
Just before~
Daylight, my attention you had.
Lying still~
I heard your fog horn warning,
Breathing in Mourning with Morning,
Testing course's of the day~
Your hesitation~
At Dawn always worth the wait,
With a skipped flutter~
Backfiring in the utter of your heart,
Comforted I was,
In the rusted~
Familiar sounds of your shake,
You always stutter before you quake,
Tongue tied emotions setting to sail your ship,
This Rivers Mouth ~
I love the echo you leave ,
Your voice moving my lips.
Riding the waves, leaving ripples of
Ancient voices trailing...

♥2011,Mosaic Poetry.MtMJA,AStrid♥

(Written for Http://"Sunday Creative Minds Group
Originally for May 15th Maria;s Birthday as a gift to her from me.  the The Topic inspiration by Tarringo T Vaughen Founder of (FCN )Flexwriters Creative Network  who gave a challenge finding the voice within
crossposted here for  VOICE group)


  1. nice...I have so much that I wrote years ago that I've thought about pulling back out and reposting. Just saw this off facebook page. Hugs

    1. Thank you Lady J,its great to see you.I am feeling a bit scattered all over. Trying to do exactly what you said pull stuff all out in one place.I figure start updating. You should definitely repost what you have written I'd love to read it:)Peace N love and thank you for reading