Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crossposted FCN Take a good Look at My Face~ For my Freind Nani~

 Dream DragonZ Fly
You sit beside me,
 In a frame,

And I dare to look,
Over my shoulder,

For my angel,
My 'Sistah Friend'

Who in Life and Death,
I could depend,

Knowing what we once shared,
How we spent our days,

Bearing the deepest of pains ,
Grief and heart aches

The Road Map to Truth,
  Now between your picture frame,

Just before you saw that flash,
You dabbed makeup,

Running for cover,
 You held you breath  tight,

A faithful Warier~preparing always,
Nostrils flaring,

Your eyes, focused 'dead on'  stare.
No need fear of glare, you always had flair,

No medication could dim you or the pain,
  Continued to buff and whiten your teeth,

You applied the eye liner , gloss and shadows
Knowing your skin refused to blush,

I knew in Photo Shop you did trust,
I knew you would choose 'Black and white'
For your memory "Nostalgia"
In the end my freind,

On color you did not depend,
Your face with genuine truth is bright,
Though your stare from a frame with four sides,
No box could contain you~ Your heart always will I find!

You always said "Life was a Journey"
Thank you for inviting and sharing, 
~  The Truth of You~
Night or Day Nani Dream DragonZ Fly
Your Wings I feel Flutter nearby.
(written for my freind Nani Satterlee RIP December29,2010)
©Mosaic Poetry,MtMJA, AStrid with Tiea& Jade

~Ancient Voices Trailing~ written for FCN challenge

~ Ancient Voices Trailing~

Thought I heard you in the mist,
The other day~
At first sound you seemed far away,
In hushed tones~
You crept, thinking I was sleeping,
But dreams were not meant to keep me,
Long gone~
Was the silence of night,
Caught in the wake I found my place,
Just before~
Daylight, my attention you had.
Lying still~
I heard your fog horn warning,
Breathing in Mourning with Morning,
Testing course's of the day~
Your hesitation~
At Dawn always worth the wait,
With a skipped flutter~
Backfiring in the utter of your heart,
Comforted I was,
In the rusted~
Familiar sounds of your shake,
You always stutter before you quake,
Tongue tied emotions setting to sail your ship,
This Rivers Mouth ~
I love the echo you leave ,
Your voice moving my lips.
Riding the waves, leaving ripples of
Ancient voices trailing...

♥2011,Mosaic Poetry.MtMJA,AStrid♥

(Written for Http://"Sunday Creative Minds Group
Originally for May 15th Maria;s Birthday as a gift to her from me.  the The Topic inspiration by Tarringo T Vaughen Founder of (FCN )Flexwriters Creative Network  who gave a challenge finding the voice within
crossposted here for  VOICE group)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hard Hearts Sleep

 No Surprises
Don't ya know I've been here before?
I saw this all in a dream I wished I could wake from,
Warned me this day would come.

 I felt the crash, a stone heart refusing to beat
You can pound all ya want if it makes ya feel better,
Wish if you must with each quick mechanical kiss.

Make it heroic and bloody cutting blocked arteries,
You helped heap with decay,
It's too late to invite life blood flow to enter,.

By the sweat of your brow put on 'The Show',
Carving detailed designs that won't impress me,
My eyes grew too heavy wide and wise.

Hollowed Be.. the beats~
Refusing  to rise under your touch,
Some Death certificates  should read "Enough",
"Cause Unknown" Ill carry to my grave with your little white lies.

Don't Ya know explanations penned only complicate?
We can only say what we know ;some things are best left unsaid.
Broken hearts remain convenient mysteries.

Skipping along the heart runs out of words,
Dying overdosed with knowledge,calling out to the deep,
Whispering" Just let me sleep"

Say what ya want too,just don' t feel sorry praying for me!
I always knew to choose 'the Light' before the Door,
No need for words anymore.
©May 1, 20i1,Mosaic Poetry,2011