Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crossposted FCN Take a good Look at My Face~ For my Freind Nani~

 Dream DragonZ Fly
You sit beside me,
 In a frame,

And I dare to look,
Over my shoulder,

For my angel,
My 'Sistah Friend'

Who in Life and Death,
I could depend,

Knowing what we once shared,
How we spent our days,

Bearing the deepest of pains ,
Grief and heart aches

The Road Map to Truth,
  Now between your picture frame,

Just before you saw that flash,
You dabbed makeup,

Running for cover,
 You held you breath  tight,

A faithful Warier~preparing always,
Nostrils flaring,

Your eyes, focused 'dead on'  stare.
No need fear of glare, you always had flair,

No medication could dim you or the pain,
  Continued to buff and whiten your teeth,

You applied the eye liner , gloss and shadows
Knowing your skin refused to blush,

I knew in Photo Shop you did trust,
I knew you would choose 'Black and white'
For your memory "Nostalgia"
In the end my freind,

On color you did not depend,
Your face with genuine truth is bright,
Though your stare from a frame with four sides,
No box could contain you~ Your heart always will I find!

You always said "Life was a Journey"
Thank you for inviting and sharing, 
~  The Truth of You~
Night or Day Nani Dream DragonZ Fly
Your Wings I feel Flutter nearby.
(written for my freind Nani Satterlee RIP December29,2010)
©Mosaic Poetry,MtMJA, AStrid with Tiea& Jade

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