Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Home Wrecker

Home Wrecker

Before you laid eyes on me,
Before you knew how to plot or scheme,
I knew you~
Like sperm knows to race to a fertile egg,
You lay in wait, to pounce and displace.
I knew you~
  Daring to trust and care for you,
Continuing to love you in heartfelt truth.
I knew you~
Would at large, dangerous always remain,
Disguised as sweet in acid rain.
I knew you ~
In the  filter of my memory forever  would stay,
    Your Heart encased in Vanilla Cinnamon, Lavender Honey,
'Home wrecker'
I knew you~
As you methodically destroyed hopes and dreams,
Smiling, lying  through bright sharp white teeth.
 l knew you~
Would slow down to point out mine and others blame,
Without a moment of  your own shame.
I knew you~
 Came with many warnings.
In dreams you came,
Into my Net I caught you always,
I knew you~
Studied all your moves within the weave,
Watched you struggle to decieve
I knew you~
   Came creeping in the night
I set you free  into the light.


 ©MtMJA, 2011, Mosaic Poetry, (AStrid & Toni Collab)

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