Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MPD/DID the M.O.M Series Representaion of Mosaic Gang

This is the first video "Representation" Mosaics  did to try to express our life  together. Obviously for many Mosaics and multiple groups  images help to show  how we see ourselves and others For many groups a Video Representation of their group in a shared body is a first and liberating step, as liberating as journal-ing and signing their own names to journals, diaries, letters, blogs,poems , art work.. This can be a first step to saying public My name  IS..

This was made in 2008 originally and edited later for more accurate images, and a attempt to fix some spelling Text slide errors, adding 3  segments of images and music choices.

Some of the Main people or what some call "alters"  who are "out" most, co-conscious always and what some call "co-running" together our represented here with images they chose and text. Later the  Mosaics attempted a video to describe what its like moving from Inside to outside.I will post that video next. For now, for  many this video remains our best  explanation of our love and wishes  for life and thanks to Family , loved ones and friends.

Astrid and Mosaics

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